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Python and C# Programming2018-11-13T07:10:16+02:00

Python and C# Programming

Custom applications like trading algorithms, monitoring softwares or risk management tools can be designed in python or C# programming language.

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One glance at the TIOBE index is enough to see that Python and C# go hand in hand as far as the popularity among developers is concerned.

Most of forex/cryptocurrencies exchanges API connections are available in Python or C#.

Developers like C# because of its design and origin in the object-oriented programming paradigm. It’s a smart choice if they want to develop apps for Microsoft’s platform because C# is deeply integrated with the .NET framework.

But there are some things developers can get done much quicker with Python, mostly because it’s a dynamically typed language. The basic syntax of Python requires the knowledge of fewer language constructions, while in C#, you just can’t write a program without knowing what compilation, assemblies, namespaces, classes, and methods…

Consequently, a project in C# will require more development time compared to Python, that’s probably why since the last few years majority of projects are developed in Python, except when broker’s API doesn’t support it.