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Powerlanguage Strategy Programming

Our specialists will turn your trading ideas into semi/fully automated strategies on MultiCharts platform and Portofolio Trader.

All development is performed  under strict confidentiality guidelines. (No outsourcing)

Programming CODE

Our Powerlanguage Strategy Programming experience extends to custom technical indicators, custom automated trading strategies, and other custom tools. In addition to our experience providing Powerlanguage Strategy Programming, our programmers also have a strong background in trading/technical analisis. We have a broad understanding of markets, technical indicators and automated trading systems, making us the ideal solution for your Powerlanguage Strategy programming needs.

As Powerlanguage Strategy Programming experts, we can help with a variety projects including:

  • Modifying existing indicators and/or strategies
  • Programming custom indicators and/or strategies from scratch
  • Convert code from other software in to Powerlanguage Programming
  • Create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) for semi-automated trading
  • Data Mining to create reports, statistics, summaries, etc.
  • And More