Risk Manager

Trading risk management software connected to the trader’s account,

considerable help for  the trader to respect his trading plan by avoiding him large losses.

Featuring max loss per day and max loss per order, more complex version available features

max loss per day , per trade , instrument filtering , trading hours, pause , trailing profit ..

Risk Manager

Daytrading Multi Account Trading Platform

Specially designed for fund managers, this platform allows to trade simultaneously up to 10 accounts in the most efficient way :

featuring  optimized stop loss placement, one click partial profit taking; one click break even stop, compatible with the ATT Risk Manager

Python Programming

Monitoring and machine learning softwares

Monitoring 40 Stochastic charts simultaneously,  this software is designed to help the discretionary trader in the execution of his strategy.

custom application

Multicharts Trading Algorithm

100% automated Trading Algorithm analyzing 18 currency pairs on multiple time frames with several technical indicators, including a progressive risk management module for maximal performance and reduced drawdown.


Portofolio trader 25 Instruments

Trading algorithm designed with the Multicharts Portofolio Trader instance, trading simultaneously 25 instruments, including currencies, commodities, indices  and cryptocurrencies.


What Client’s Say

Jerry – United States :

was very knowledgeable on cryptocurrency and helped plan out my application, clear explanations and deadlines respected

Patrick – Germany :

Once again a pleasure to work with ATT and once more appreciated their in-depths understanding of the matter

Karel – Czech Republic :

Second project and everything was done on time and as I desired. Pleasure working with this agency and highly recommended.