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Crypto Algo trading with Binance

Take advantage of the cryptocurrencies volatility by developing a crypto trading algorithm with ATT & Binance:
Since few years cryptocurrencies gained in popularity, with now more than 1200 cryptocurrencies available, Crypto Trading Algorithms are indispensable to be able to track all the trading opportunities as a human couldn’t follow or analyze real time the signals generated by so many available cryptocurrencies.

Our coders are specialists, with deep knowledge of trading and trading platforms. We can do any job large or small, from simple alerts or visual displays right through to sophisticated multi-time frame techniques for structural and cycle analysis of indicators and price movement.

Our team is comprised of people who are both coders and traders. We combine programming skills with our knowledge of the markets to seek edge wherever it may be found. 

Our rates are low because we love what we do.
We will always deal with you with complete integrity, doing our very best to help you grow your trading.